Fundraising Tool Kit

Welcome racers and rally drivers! We've made it easy for you to fundraise for The Race and Rally Against Kids' Cancer. Follow these steps and use the resources linked below to reach your fundraising goal!

  1. Make a list of all of your friends, family, co-workers and colleagues, business associates, etc.
  2. Read the Fundraising Tips and Best Practices document below for suggestions on how to maximize your fundraising.
  3. Personalize the Sample RAKC Solicitation Letter below to reflect your style and your relationship with the recipient.
  4. Send the personalized letter to your contacts.
    • If sending via email, include a link to your online donation page and a link to the "Who is MAF" one-pager
    • If sending via mail, include the donation form filled out with your information, a copy of the "Who is MAF" one-pager, and a stamped envelope addressed to MAF
  5. Follow up! If your contact made a donation, follow-up and thank them! If they haven't, follow-up with a call or email to remind them.
  6. If you use Facebook and/or Twitter, use the sample posts below and "like" to your sponsorship page, encouraging your connections all over the world to support you in The Race and Rally Against Kids' Cancer.


RMVR Fundraising Tools

CVAR Fundraising Tools

Sample RAKC Solicitation Letter Sample RAKC Solicitation Letter
2017 Donation Form 2107 Donation Form
Fundraising Tips and Best Practices Fundraising Tips and Best Practices
MAF - Our Story MAF - Our Story
Sample Social Media Posts Sample Social Media Posts
  RAKC History for CVAR