Glenn Conser

About Me
I am so excited to be participating in the 2023 Race Against Kid's Cancer, supporting kids' cancer research! I really hope I can make a difference. 46 Kids are diagnosed with cancer every day. If you do decide to donate thank you very much for helping me make a difference in the world of kids with cancer.

My Car
2022 54 SR
Fast Formulas and SR's

What is your favorite race track?
That's a tough one...HPR has my heart but if I had to choose another it would be either VIR or Watkins Glen

Do you have a bucket list race track?
I'd love to drive at SPA one day

What's the scariest thing that has happened to you on a racetrack?
Crashing a Superbike during Pikes Peak Hill Climb practice

What is your best time at High Plains Raceway?

What is your favorite car to drive?
My Rush, of course!

What car do you dream about racing some day?
I would love to drive a genuine prototype LMP of any variety

What made you start racing?
I grew up around my father's racing and it didn't take much for me to be addicted

What is your favorite thing about the Race Against Kids' Cancer?
The camaraderie and seeing the smiles on the kids who are there for the event!

What do you want your fans to know about your love for racing?
Racing is excellent for your health because if you race, you can't afford to do drugs!

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Race Against Kids' Cancer
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