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I'm thrilled to help out with this mission, because it is important, and I'm hoping you'll help out, too. Cancer is the leading disease-related cause of death in children. This funding that we raise goes directly to supporting scientific and clinical research, exploring more effective and less-toxic therapies for the treatment of pediatric cancers, and creating support programs for patients, their families, and our community. All of this is very close to us: all three of my kids have classmates that have had cancer. Two -- Cooper and Ivy -- have been smiling faces behind RAKC in the past. Ivy, happily, is doing well, thanks to the support that has been made possible. To this day we miss Cooper. The news was shattering. Our neighborhood grieves still. We wish the outcome had been different. The RAKC gives us a great opportunity to push back against this disease that thieves. Giving makes such a difference. It gives hope to kids with cancer, to their families, and our community. Thank you for helping. Josh

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Race Against Kids' Cancer
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