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Greetings: After a six year hiatus, the opportunity to once again participate in the Race Against Kids Cancer has inspired me to dust off (literally) the 1972 Datsun 510 #177.  I re-joined RMVR, updated my harness belts and helmet to current standards, and spent Thursday evening at High Plains Raceway with Cory Ten Eyck and Jeff Winter to make sure that the driver and car were up to the challenge. And yes, we had a great day and both car and driver were successfully checked out. So, confident that I won't embarrass myself or endanger other drivers, I have registered for the RAKC event and created this fundraising page. The Morgan Adams Foundation and RMVR developed a successful event that draws a lot of attention from vintage racers around the country. Many of us know a young child who has been diagnosed with cancer, and who is undergoing arduous treatment to defeat their cancer.  Their resilience is inspiring, and I am happy to support research to understand and combat kids cancer. Any support that you pledge will be helpful to the Morgan Adams Foundation mission:  $5 or $10 would be great. You can learn more about the Morgan Adams Foundation at: For gearheads, here is more about out 1972 Datsun 510 and how we got here:        The following quote is from Peter Brock and Brock Racing Enterprises (BRE) built and raced the #46 Datsun 510 with John Morton as its driver. The team won the 1971 and 1972 SCCA Trans Am Under 2.5 Liter Championship, with the first considered a major upset. Few race fans thought the little Datsun from Japan could match the pace of the Alfas and BMWs, so its success earned it the reputation as "giant killer" among American racing fans. To this day it remains one of the most recognizable and honored racing cars of all time, and it established Nissan/Datsun as an accomplished performance brand. The blue 177 is the fourth Datsun 510 race car we have owned. The first 510 was the red #76, a 4-door SCCA Improved Touring C car that I bought from Dave Moran in 1988. The 4-door even saw some time in the SCCA GT-4 class driven by Gordon Haines. In 1991 I built a white 2-door version to ITC specs, also #76. Many friends and family (Tom, Corrin, Ailsa, and  Cory)  drove the 76 car at Second Creek and La Junta in Drivers Schools or track day. We raced, mostly in Colorado, as an honorary (non-BMW-2002) member of the Piston Broke Racing Team in the 1988-1996 time period. We then reconfigured #76 to SCCA H Production class specifications to compete at the SCCA National level. We had many fun and successful seasons in that car, earning several Colorado Region Championships--and I think I may still have the lap record for H Production at High Plains Raceway. We went to SCCA National Runoffs twice, where I was able to finish mid-pack against the best and fastest H Production cars from around the country. Cory and I built the bright yellow #77 510 to HP specs in 2008--2010. He was raced successfully in #76 in 2008, but moved on to motorcycles in 2009. (He has since returned to SCCA Rallycross.) We sold the 76 car to Alex Burnett, who raced it competitively for many years.  The 77 car was also sold--regretfully as it was solid, rust-free,  and (eventually) sorted out by us and Jeff Winter. Not sure where either the 76 or 77 car is now. Enter the 177 car:  Jeff Winter, a nationally recognized Datsun engine builder and racer, built this car to SCCA 1981 GT-2 Class specifications to compete in RMVR vintage races. It was in Jeffs Rallye Sport shop for years, and every time I saw it I offered to buy it. In 2014, the owner relented and it moved to our place. As I tired of the frequent rule changes in SCCA (and the reality that the 1972 Datsun was no longer competitive against newer SCCA HP cars), I joined RMVR.  Ive only raced the #177 one weekend--at the 2014 RAKC. The combination of LRE Water and ACEC work and travel opportunities and the realization that working on the car in the shop or at the track was more of an effort than when I was in my 30s and 40s led me let my race licenses lapse.  The 177 car was theoretically for sale, but I never marketed it--mostly because I knew that if I sold it, it would be gone. This summer, after watching Cory get involved in SCCA Rallycross, and after getting in better shape as a result of inspiration from Coach Jamie of the ACEC AHIP Wellness program, I realized that maybe I could get back on the track. I read the RMVR newsletter call to action for racers to compete and raise funds to support research to defeat kids cancer, and here we are. Come on out to High Plains for a socially-distanced afternoon in the paddock. Admission is free; bring your mask and I have hand sanitizer in the trailer. There will be lots of beautiful and well prepared vintage race cars, and wed all appreciate your support. Cheers, Gregg

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