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The Morgan Adams Foundation is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that children and young adults diagnosed with cancer have access to the best possible research and therapeutic options available. Working with leading researchers and physicians, The Morgan Adams Foundation funds new and innovative ideas that will improve cancer treatment effectiveness, overall outcomes, survival rates and quality of life while minimizing the devastating side effects current treatments have on our children. In the two decades weve been working in the field, we know there are kids who are now young adults alive and thriving because of the work made possible by our incredible partners and community. Despite major advancements, 1 in 43 children are diagnosed with cancer each day and 12% will not survive.  The Morgan Adams Foundation and the RMVR community have combined to make a real difference in the lives of many, many children and young adults. By providing the funds for on-going research, RMVR and its donor partners are contributing to helping researchers shine a light on new treatment options for children in Colorado and around the world.  We hope you will give generously to this worthwhile endeavor and help fund pediatric cancer research. Because there are kids that need our help.   Thank you for your support!  

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