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I've always enjoyed a good challenge and having fun.  Racing, while challenging you physically and mentally, is about as much fun as one can have.  I've been interested in racing since I was a kid.  In 1998 I attended Racing School at Road America with a buddy "just for fun", and the addiction set in. I joined SCCA and raced various cars until 2006, when I moved into a “modern” Formula Ford (FF). After moving to Colorado, and finding a lot more competition in Vintage Racing, I bought my vintage car.  Besides, as my younger friends pointed out, "you are vintage".  Nice. I've now raced in 10 States across America at 13 venues, including the Indianapolis Motor Speedway! (OK, not the 500 like I always dreamed, but on the road course.) The 2023 Race Against Kids' Cancer will be the 13th year of this event, the 11th one for us! This is such a great event, for such a great cause!

My Car
1969 Winklemann WDF-1
Formula Ford

What is your favorite race track?
Whatever track I'm racing at! HPR ranks up there.

Do you have a bucket list race track?
Watkins Glen - NY. Like Road America, the Glen has History

What is your favorite thing about the Race Against Kids' Cancer?
The racing, of course, but it's a great opportunity to help others, children specifically. I can't think of a better cause than helping a kid suffering from cancer. And the research we help fund is doing just that.

What do you want your fans to know about your love for racing?
It's not just the competition or the speed, it's the People. Those involved, are some of the best of I've ever known.

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Race Against Kids' Cancer
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