Information For Drivers - Fundraising Tips

The following are a few suggestions to help you raise money for RAKC:

  1.  Ask your friends and family to support or sponsor your efforts.
  2. Ask your employer and/or other businesses you frequent to sponsor you by pledging or matching each donation.

  3. Send emails to everyone in your address book with the link to your personal RAKC's webpage.

  4. Post a link on your Facebook page. Spread the word via Twitter.

  5. Consider racing in RAKC in honor or memory of someone, and let everyone know that.

  6. You may also let donors know that The Morgan Adams Foundation is a qualified 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organiztion. Our EIN number is 20.0165051.


Be sure to let everyone know that net proceeds from the event are dedicated to children’s cancer research. The Morgan Adams Foundation raises money and awareness on behalf of children affected with cancer. Working with leading physicians, we directly fund pediatric cancer research and therapies which will improve survival rates and reduce the devastating side-effects cancer treatments have on our children.