Fundraising Tips

Help kids battling cancer!

When you create your own fundraising page, you can start to share your personal link to raise money for The Morgan Adams Foundation! The Race Against Kids’ Cancer supports kiddos and teens who are faced with one of the hardest battles of their life: Pediatric Cancer. Less than 4% of the federal budget for cancer research is dedicated specifically to childhood cancer. With your help we can give more than hope to these families.

Fundraising Materials

You can use the materials below to help you fundraise. Show your everyone how fun it is to support kids with cancer!

How Do You Fundraise?

Personalize your fundraising page!

Share your WHY?
W – What is your goal o r this year’s RAKC?
H – How can people support you?
Y – Your reason for wanting to be a part of this race

Share your personal fundraising link

Below you will find a fundraising toolkit that will help you figure out your donor circles. You can fundraise through your personal link or by mail. If you are wanting to send a letter, make sure to include a stamped, self-addressed, return envelop to make it easy for people to contribute.

Follow Up

Make sure to keep a list of who you are asking to donate! Follow up with individuals who said they would donate later when asked prior. Keep your supporters up to date with your progress as you hit milestones

Thank Everyone

In most cases, the people you contact will say yes and be happy to make a donation. Thank them and let them know that their support is appreciated. If they say no, remember, they are not being critical of you, they simply have other places for their charitable dollars. Thank them for considering your request and move on – nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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